Retaining Walls in Lansing

Do you need a retaining wall? If you’re trying to protect against erosion, you probably do. Cherry Oak Landscaping enjoys providing clients with beautifully built walls that will last for years to come. We have many options available to our clients to cater to everyone’s unique taste. To learn more about what we do, look below.

Are Retaining Walls Necessary?

A retaining wall may be necessary depending on your home and yard. Generally, homes on steep inclined or with multi-level landscaping features will need a wall to protect against soil erosion. Think back over the last few months. Have you noticed excess damage or soil loss after a heavy rain? If so, you might be a great candidate for a retaining wall. If you still aren’t sure, feel free to call us so we can come take a quick look.

Are There Different Wall Types Available?

For your retaining wall, you’ll have to main options. However, your landscape design might require one or the other:

  • • Reinforced: These models require extra support to bear the full load of the soil behind it. For some wall options, we can use a special mesh called geogrid, which is simply laid during the wall installation process. Larger soil loads may require more support.
  • • Gravity: These walls rely simply on their own gravity to first the forces of erosion. Using its own weight, the wall will remain sturdy and push back against the soil pressure behind it.

Six Things You Need to Know About Retaining Walls

When it comes to retaining walls, many people feel that they are purely functional or utilitarian in nature. And while their primary purpose is to hold back soil, the fact of the matter is that they also possess a wide range of other attributes.

  1. They can be designed immediately as multi-use spaces that can create beautiful outdoor designs that are both esthetically pleasing and functionally sound.
  2. While many people think that retaining walls need to be perfectly straight, the fact of the matter is that an additional curved feature or design can be added for a little more texture.
  3. Retaining walls can come in all shapes and sizes. This means that you can plan a small wall that is less than four feet in size with minimal engineering work required. Alternatively, a larger retaining wall can also enhance a Lansing garden of any size. However, it is important to remember to check local codes before building one that is more than four feet tall.
  4. For optimal results, you need to think in terms of terracing. This means our team will always start from a lower grade and build up slowly to reach a greater slope. Doing this in increments will benefit this process.
  5. As well as offering a more consistent and uniformed look, manufactured blocks and stones are easier to use in the creation of retaining walls. On top of that, these types of blocks also enhance the structural integrity of the wall as well as improving the even and consistent nature of its base. As well as guaranteeing that these points are adhered to, our skilled team will also color match and space out uneven colored stones to ensure the best possible look.
  6. At Cherry Oak Landscaping, we always guarantee that a solid base is in place before starting on any aspect of the retaining wall. We are very aware that the base will set the tone for the rest of it so that’s why it is so important to get it right.

Can You Choose the Materials for the Retaining Wall?

Of course, you can choose the material that fits best within your design and budget. You have the option of wood grains and stones, but each has its own pros and cons:

  • • Wood: This is your cheapest option and wood grains have wide variety. The natural look fits well in many outdoor settings. However, wood has a short life expectancy, especially with exposure to the elements. You may have to perform a high level of maintenance.
  • • Segmented Retaining Walls: Also known as SRW, these walls use cement blocks design to fit together. They are particularly suited to gravity walls, but they can be used for heavier loads with the help of geogrid.
  • • Mortared: As the name suggests, the materials are fused together to create an incredibly sturdy structure that is highly resistant to environmental damage.

Will Retaining Wall Construction Be Affordable?

At Cherry Oak Landscaping, we take what we do very seriously. That is why we always work hard to do our utmost to provide the most client-centered approach to customer service. It is for that reason that we always strive to be as upfront and transparent to all our customers whether they are residential or commercial. One of the most important aspects in this respect is offering affordable prices.

We only give fair prices and we also do a thorough consultation before the start of every project. Before we begin, we will gather the following information:

  • • The height, width and length of the intended wall
  • • The surrounding soil type
  • • The approximate amount of pressure on the wall
  • • The general slope of the yard

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