Lawn Pest Control in Okemos

When we think of lawn care in the Okemos area, we think of simple maintenance and how we can harness the nourishing power of Mother Nature. We add sprinklers to properties to always keep the grass green. We make sure the lawn is cut regularly so it always looks picturesque and well-maintained. We’ll add hedges, shrubs, plants or a full-fledged garden to make the most of the green space we have.

When grass isn’t growing as well as it should, or if the flowers are dying, we often think it is due to bad practices. Perhaps the sod wasn’t laid over your property correctly, or those flowers were poorly planted.

However, the reason your property isn’t looking so great might not be because of you or your gardener. Pests, rodents, and insects could be responsible for your ailing landscape. When grubs and pests have colonized your Okemos lawn, keeping your property healthy is an uphill battle.

Does My Lawn Need Professional Pest Control Services?

If you find yourself asking this question, chances are you probably need the assistance of a professional lawn care professional who knows how to handle common lawn insects and moles. However, if you’re still unsure, here things to look out for. If you spot either of these issues anywhere on your lawn, consider them indicators that pests have begun to ravage your lawn.

Take a look at your garden. Your lawn’s garden will attract more pests than lawns, typically. If the plants in your garden are showing signs of excessive leaf damage, it is an indicator that insects are chewing up the leaves. To determine what kind of insects you’re dealing with, give Cherry Oak Landscaping a call.

Is your lawn covered with brown spots? If so, it could mean that insects and other lawn pests are burrowing into the soil to eat valuable nutrients and grassroots.

Our lawn pest control practices depend entirely on the type of bugs and insects that are attacking your lawn. We offer fire ant control treatments, fleas and tick treatments, and a variety of other treatments. When you give Cherry Oak Landscaping a call, we’ll come to your property and assess the situation.

After minimal treatment, sometimes all that is necessary is ongoing proper lawn care— something Cherry Oak Landscaping is more than happy to assist you with as well!

Have Moles Taken Over My Lawn?

Moles can really tear apart a property if they are not taken care of by a professional pest control service. It can be hard to spot an actual mole, but moles always leave many obvious signs behind. You’ll see small hills of dirt and excavated soil. These molehills will usually be near your property’s plants. Why’s that? Because they’re looking for sustenance in the form of earthworms and other insects which may be in the most enriched areas of your lawn. Some moles might even completely uproot some plants during their burrowing process.

The best approach is combating moles is trapping, a pest control practice which Cherry Oak Landscaping is more than familiar with. However, any lawn care professional will tell you that this is not a permanent solution. What is the best solution? Proper lawn maintenance! A looked-after lawn will become a less attractive habitat for those little moles.

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