Weed Control Service in Okemos

Keep your lawn healthy and looking great with Cherry Oak Landscaping’s weed control services. We use environmentally safe commercial grade products to keep your lawn weed-free. Our treatments are ideal for residential and commercial clients who want to improve their property’s overall look and function.

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Weed Control Assessment

Frustrated with weeds that just won’t go away? Let our expert team of landscapers take control. It all starts with our healthy lawn assessment. We will analyze your lawn to identify the species of grass and other plants that don’t belong. Then we will create a treatment plan to address the existing weeds and prevent new ones.

Weed removal doesn’t have to be expensive. Our quotes are consistently lower than the local competition. Affordable and effective, our clients love the work we do.

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Services for a Weed-Free Lawn

We take a targeted and systematic approach to lawn weed control services. Gone are the days when landscapers would indiscriminately spray herbicide across a whole lawn. Instead, we target the specific weeds that are giving you problems with ecologically friendly products. This approach gives us unparalleled control and guarantees success.

Between pulling weeds and our specially designed weed spray services, we will carefully tailor our services to meet your needs. Although we are capable of dealing with a wide range of weeds, the most common ones are:

  • Dandelions
  • Crabgrass
  • Quackgrass
  • Clovers
  • Thistles
  • Buckhorn plantain
  • Shepherd’s purse

Weed Removal Services

Worried about weeds coming back? Our approach aims to do three things. First, we will eliminate the existing weeds from your lawn. Second, we will make it impossible for them to seed and spread. Third, we will make them stay away for good.

Cherry Oak Landscaping is the weed control company you can count on. Our team of lawn care specialists understands the lifecycles, spread, and biology of all the weeds they deal with. Once we have your weed problem under control, we will make sure that the problem doesn’t return.

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Weed Control Follow-Ups

Like all lawn care and landscaping services, weed control may require additional steps. We are, after all, dealing with living plants. They are in a struggle for survival just as much as we are in a struggle to remove them for good. That’s why we usually include follow-up visits. We want to see how our work is holding up and whether any additional weed removal strategies are necessary.

We take every precaution necessary to ensure that our weed and pest control services produce lasting results. Call us now to set up an assessment and get a quote.

The Best Weed Control Company

As one of the top-rated landscapers in the region, Cherry Oak Landscaping is proud to offer residents and businesses an affordable weed control service. Time and again, our techniques have proven to be successful. Join hundreds of happy clients with healthy lawns by calling us now!