Snow Removal in Lansing

Many, many years ago, when we were about knee high, it was always so exciting when it would start snowing in Lansing. The snow had infinite possibilities for entertainment. Whether it was building forts, having snowball fights with the other kids on the way to school, building snowmen or sledding, snow means fun when you’re just a kid. Even though we also had to shovel the driveway, it never seemed like such a big deal because the chore itself was eclipsed by the fun that was about to be had.

However, now that we’re all grown up, shoveling snow is just a chore. The opportunities to take some time to make snow angels or roll up an arsenal of snowballs are few and far between given the pace at which we live our adult lives. And to make matters worse, snow removal comes with a huge set of hazards. Not only do you have to navigate patches of black ice and the possibility of getting frostbite if you’re underdressed, the strain that shoveling snow can put on your body has been known to give regular people heart attacks.

And the worst part is that you can’t just leave the snow where it falls. You need to remove it if you want to function normally. The good news is that snow removal in Lansing has never been easier thanks to Cherry Oak Landscaping’s professional snow removal services.

Unlike other Lansing landscaping companies who are only open for business during the spring, summer and fall, Cherry Oak Landscaping is committed to keeping your property functional and beautiful all year long. When you sign up for our snow removal services, you can spare yourself the strain of shoveling it yourself. Call (517) 339-2881 to find out more about what we can do for your home or business once the snow comes.

Residential Snow Removal

Failing to clear the snow from your driveway and stairs is the groundwork for an icy disaster that can do some serious damage to your family and guests. Rather put your family and those close to you through the hazards that come with snow and cold weather, let the professionals at Cherry Oak Landscaping start planning your winter snow removal service.

No matter what type of home you live in, we create a custom plan of action for your unique property so that we can complete the job as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Commercial Snow Removal

If you operate a commercial space in Lansing, you have to worry about a lot more than your driveway and stairs after a heavy snow fall. You might need someone to clear and salt an entire parking lot or someone to remove the snow from your rooftop.

Wherever snow has accumulated on your commercial property, when you need it removed, get in touch with us and it’ll be gone before you know it.

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If you want snow removed quickly with upfront and honest pricing, call (517) 339-2881 today to talk to the pros at Cherry Oak Landscaping.