Sprinklers in Okemos

What’s the Best Sprinkler for My Michigan Lawn?

Living in Okemos poses challenges to the average homeowner looking to keep their lawn looking lush without lifting a finger. With sweltering summers and freezing winters, you need your irrigation system to be powerful enough to hydrate your yard but flexible enough to be taken down for the season at a moment’s notice.

Cherry Oak Landscaping is the top irrigation and landscaping company in Okemos, MI. Our sprinkler system installation is second to none in town. So we’ve prepared this guide to the basics about what sprinklers will be best for your home and garden.

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Should I Use a Water Timer?

With the hot and dry summers parching up reservoirs all over the country, water conservation is on the mind of most Okemos residents. So it’s pretty natural that we’ve had clients ask us whether or not we recommend using a water timer.

Smart water timers guarantee your total control over the environment of your home or backyard. That means you can monitor your water usage right as you check the weather from the comfort of your office.

While most of us at Cherry Oak Landscaping use to caution against buying water timers because they used to be inefficient and wasteful, we highly recommend the new generation of smart water timers.

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When to Winterize My Sprinklers?

Predicting the weather is hard work. Despite all our advances in technology, it sure seems like the weather report is right only half the time. So guessing when the first hard freeze will hit Okemos during the fall months is almost impossible!

If you don’t blow out your sprinkler lines, they can freeze and you could lose hundreds of dollars with a costly replacement.

Don’t gamble with your finances: call Cherry Oak Landscaping to properly winterize your sprinkler system at the first sign of frost.

The Best Sprinkler and Irrigation Contractor in Okemos, MI

When you’re out searching for the right solutions to water your yard and keep it looking fresh year-round, finding the right sprinkler system setup for you can be tough. Do you need drip sprinklers or the classic oscillating sprinkler model? In-ground or traveling? Rotating versus impact?

It’s easy to feel as small as a blade of grass when you’re standing in the outdoor equipment aisle at your local hardware store.

Why not take the burden of decision-making—not to mention the frustrating process of installation—off your hands and call Cherry Oak Landscaping? With over five years providing the best landscaping and irrigation service to Okemos homeowners, we’re the top choice for all things backyard.

We’ve got dozens of satisfied customers from all over Ingham County due to our single-minded dedication to one thing only: keeping our clients satisfied.

If you want to know more about what sort of sprinkler system we can set up for you, or you want us to come and help you out with sprinkler winterization, give us a call today!