Lawn Care In East Lansing

Maintaining a beautiful yard with green, manicured lawns and lush, symmetrical shrubbery is easier said than done. Often, many homeowners get in over their heads with the excitement of designing and planning a landscape only to become disappointed with the time, skill, and strength required to maintain it and keep everything healthy and growing. Additionally, there is the technicalities of installing watering systems and determining that soil conditions are conducive to successful plant growth. Fortunately, at Cherry Oak Landscaping we can relieve you of these mundane and tiresome duties with our impeccable lawn maintenance services. As you prepare to partner with us, here are some factors to consider when determining your need for help.

Lawn Care Equipment

Lawn care equipment can be quite pricey and accumulating all of the necessary tools can be overwhelming at first thought. We provide customers in and around Okemos with our expertise and we already have all of the resources necessary to care for your lawn. However, you may already have some equipment on hand such as trimmers or maybe a mower. If you wish to participate in the maintenance process and continue to do some of the work yourself based off of the equipment you already have, this is something to consider ahead of time.

What Type of Landscape Suits Your Tastes and Needs?

Landscaping maintenance is more than the common tasks of watering, mowing, and trimming. Other tasks include:

  • Planting and reseeding
  • Fertilizing
  • Mowing and edging
  • Lawn aeration
  • Mulching
  • Clean-up and hauling of plant material
  • Irrigation system installation, repair, and maintenance
  • Trimming
  • Treatment for bugs and pests
  • Weeding

Carefully consider which of these tasks you wish to delegate to us and we will happily take over. You may wish to do absolutely nothing in your yard besides sit and relax and enjoy the beauty. Our lawn care services are full-circle and we are able to manage your entire yard no matter the size or scope of responsibilities you wish to have us complete.

Yard Specifications and Requirements for a Great Lawn

While we do provide a range of services to our customers, we ask that you be aware of the unique factors found in your yard. For example, do you have pets? Do you have small children who play frequently on the lawn with their toys and gadgets? Perhaps you have decorative pots or outdoor furniture on display. These kinds of things should be taken into account to ensure they are properly cared for before and during our visit. This will enable you to feel confident about the condition of your things while we care for your lawn.

Time and Health for a Perfect Greenspace

Five Top Landscaping Tips for Your Lawn

At Cherry Oak Landscaping, we know that if you want superior lawn for your Okemes home, you really need to leave it to the professionals. At Cherry Oak Landscaping, our skill and expertise in all aspects of lawn care means that we can provide immediate and lasting solutions for your property that will enhance the look and feel of your lawn while also increasing your home’s curb appeal. So, with that in mind, here are five top tips that we provide for many of the residential clients we work with for optimal results:

  1. Plan for Year-Round Appeal: One piece of expertise that we try to bring to all the properties we work with in Okemes is to make sure that as many of the plants and shrubs that we use retain their look and appeal all year round. With a sufficient number of evergreen shrubs and plants on your lawn, you can rest assured that the external features of your property will look their best for 12 months of the year.
  2. Connect Points of Interest With a Walkway: If there is one path that you and your family tend to take more frequently than all others on your lawn, then why not allow us to create an attractive walkway using stone slabs. Not only will this add an attractive walkway for your yard, it will also reduce any dead or down-trodden stretches of grass on your lawn.
  3. Add a Big Rock: While this might sound like a pretty obvious addition to a home, it is important to remember that the addition of a giant rock or two can add a real unique and interesting visual appeal to your Okemes home’s lawn. If you are uncertain about what type of rock to get, then why not provide our professional team of lawn care experts with photos and information on the exact dimensions of your lawn and we will be able to pick the perfect rock for you.
  4. Add a Berm: If you are looking for a surefire way of enhancing the look and feel of your home’s lawn, then adding a berm to an underused corner might be the perfect solution. Our dedicated team of lawn care experts can add color and texture to an otherwise plain lawn by adding a berm containing colored stones, flowers and foliage. On top of that, a berm can add another layer of height to a garden if it is built like a mound.
  5. Natural Water Feature: At Cherry Oak Landscaping, we fully believe that every Okemes lawn should contain some type of water feature. For us, water adds another layer of intrigue to a lawn or yard. However, it is important that the water feature you invest in looks and feels natural. At Cherry Oak Landscaping, we always suggest that there should be no more than three materials in any water feature, otherwise it can become too busy and end up being counterproductive.

How much time do you have to care for your yard? Is your health condition good enough to exert physical strength in maintaining your landscaping? Our lawn maintenance services can save you both your time and your health as we will assume all of the tasks that come with having a lawn and landscaping. If you are doubting the amount of time you have to work in the yard or the strength and health you have to complete gardening tasks, now is the time to hire professional help.

The Pros and Cons of Do-It-Yourself Lawn Care in East Lansing, MI:

When warm weather arrives in East Lansing, the thought of saving a few dollars and handling your summer lawn care all by yourself can be tempting. Whether the job is sodding replacement or a whole new lawn installation, we at Cherry Oak Landscaping have compared the pros and cons of DIY lawn care so that our customers can make the best decision for their East Lansing homes.

Pros of Doing it Yourself

  1. Lawn Care is Great Exercise Anyone who has mowed a lawn in 100-degree heat knows that even something as a simple lawn mowing is great exercise. If you’re looking to lay down sodding yourself, be sure to stay hydrated—you’re going to sweat a lot. Going through all the necessary steps for a full lawn rejuvenation might mean spending an entire Saturday outdoors and on your feet. Why spend money on the gym when a good workout is right in your backyard?
  2. You Can Save Money For simpler tasks, your choice whether to hire professional lawn maintenance or to do it yourself comes down to the question of money versus time. Some homeowners easily find four hours every week to manage their lawn mowing and trimming, while others might find the time required for a new lawn installation to be too taxing on their busy schedules.
  3. Watch out for hidden costs, however. You may already own a lawnmower, but when you’re buying lawn care products, be sure to read the labels carefully. Not every product is right for your lawn needs, and mistakes can be costly and damaging to your lawn.
  4. Pride of a Job Well Done For many homeowners, their home is a place of pride. A long weekend is a small price to pay for a lawn that’s beautifully kept and maintained. If you’re the sort who loves to put the work in, enjoy the spoils of your labor and bragging rights!

Reasons to Hire a Professional

  1. Health and Safety Organic lawn maintenance can be great exercise, but it can be hard on the heart and on the joints. And if your lawn requires chemical treatments to look its best, you’ll want to store those chemicals safely. If you don’t have a shed or have weak knees, don’t feel embarrassed. Cherry Oak Landscaping is happy to help. And we bring the treatments ourselves, meaning you never have to worry about Fido finding the pesticides in the shed.
  2. More Affordable Than You Think Lawn rejuvenation can be as simple as a few preventative steps a month. At Cherry Oak Landscaping, we take pride in offering professional lawn maintenance at a great price. And you might be surprised at how inexpensive a beautiful lawn can be.
  3. Peace of Mind When you contract Cherry Oak Landscaping to take care of your summer lawn care, you can always be sure we’ll go the extra mile. Whether you want organic lawn maintenance options or are looking for full-spectrum lawn treatments, you can rest assured we’ll always take the health of you and your lawn into account.

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