In the business world, time is money. Hiring a commercial landscaper to do routine property maintenance will save you both time and money.

If you didn’t know it already or you need a reminder on why your landscaping bill is worth it, here’s a list of five reasons why hiring a commercial landscaper is an absolute must for the average business owner.

Number 1: Your Commercial Landscape is Your First Impression – Make it Count!

Never underestimate the power of a first impression. Your customers’ first impression of your company begins way before you sit down with them face-to-face – it starts the moment they step out of the car. Whether it’s fair or not, the appearance of your property on the outside is a direct reflection of the work that happens on the inside.

Having a neatly trimmed and raked lawn, pruned shrubs, and clear walkways will add to the community’s property value while also helping you stay competitive with other local businesses. 

That’s where your professional landscapers come in. A landscaping company will keep your property looking sleek and manicured year-round, thereby ensuring your clienteles’ first assessment of your professional ability is a positive one. Simply put, the number one reason why hiring a commercial landscaper is essential is because your business’ first impression


Number 2: Professional Landscapers Are Expert, Experienced Technicians

Landscapers are good at what they do. You may have a green thumb, but a seasoned landscaper has expert knowledge of plant life cycles and treatment strategies, combined with years of training and experience in applying them.

Business owners, especially of restaurants, hotels, and spas, invest hundreds of dollars into flowers every summer to create an oasis for their clients. These business owners know the value of outdoor aesthetic, but even they have suffered financial loss by selecting flowers that can’t withstand the sun exposure or environment they are planted in. Choosing the wrong plants will lead to them drying up and dying prematurely. Reinvesting in landscaping is costly and avoidable, simply call a professional landscaper the first time.

Landscaping is much more than watering and weeding. A professional technician knows the best time of year to prune trees to facilitate growth and the best fertilization techniques to encourage lawn health. They know the why, when, how, and how much that someone with a knack for gardening just can’t match.

What’s more, professional landscapers often develop a keen eye for property design. Their expert observations and advice will help match the aesthetic of your property with your company values. They can even spruce up your storefront for a special occasion. A few shrubs here, a splash of colorful flowers there – you’d be surprised at the difference a well-designed landscape can make.

Number 3: Landscaping Companies Have Commercial-Grade Equipment and Products

The third cost-saving advantage of hiring a professional landscaper is one that often flies under the radar. When you’ve outsourced your landscaping maintenance tasks, you don’t have to pay for the many products and tools that regular lawn upkeep requires. Businessowners sometimes scoff at this suggestion, thinking the price of a few tools from the local hardware shop are a small drop in the bucket on the financial books.

What they don’t realize is that the cost of upkeep is far more extensive than owning a rake and a hose. Yes, if you did your landscaping yourself, you’d probably need a rake and a hose. But you’d also require a lawnmower, a weedwhacker, shovels, wheelbarrows, ladders, pruning sheers, bags of fertilizer, pesticides, and much, much more. A landscaping company will already have all of these materials, so that you can rake in those extra savings and put them to better use elsewhere.

As an added bonus, a professional landscaping team probably uses high-end, premium products too. What you’d buy over the counter at your local department store is no match for high-quality and extremely effective commercial equipment.

Number 4: Outsourcing Landscaping Will Save You Precious Time

A more obvious benefit to hiring a landscaper is the time you’ll save. An hour here and an hour there doing property maintenance on your own quickly adds up to lost time, lost productivity, and ultimately lost profits.

Instead of you or your employees breaking their back with hard outdoor labor, hire a large working crew that uses efficient and time-tested strategies to care for your lawn. The experienced team of workers will always out-perform you and your employees. They’ll do a better job, and take less time to do it too.

Number 5: Landscape Maintenance is Preventative Safety Measures

Business owners that own larger properties with many plants and trees should take heed to the final and fifth reason why hiring a landscaper is a good idea. That is, the fact that professional landscaping services have long-term safety benefits. Nature is wild, after all. Trees are prone to disease. Gardens are preferred havens for mice and insects. Not only are landscapers trained to handle these issues when they’re already a problem, but a technician that comes regularly will be able to detect their warning signs ahead of time.

They’ll notice and cut weak tree branches before they fall. They’ll catch nasty pest infestations at the beginning stages while they’re still treatable. Some companies even offer snow removal services throughout the winter. The snow removal services of a commercial landscaper will keep your property’s pathways and parking lots clear and safe. The bottom line is, the preventative care actions of a prudent landscaper can save you a pretty penny or two in safety and liability. 

Do Your Wallet and Your Schedule a Favor – Hire a Commercial Landscaper!

Commercial landscaping will save your company precious time and hard-earned money. Be one step ahead of your competition by having the best first impression. It’s time property maintenance is seen for what it is – a valuable business investment. Call Cherry Oak Landscaping to trim your business agenda and grow your profits today!