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Commercial Garden Design

Every business can benefit from having a lawn or courtyard that showcases an attractive landscape and welcomes visitors and clients—but not every business owner has time to design and plant their dream garden. If you don’t have the time, expertise, or resources, to plan and execute your ideal commercial landscape, you’re in luck because the professionals at Cherry Oak Landscaping are just a phone call away.

Offering the finest commercial garden design services, we’re here to make sure that your new garden looks wonderful from season to season. With us on the job, it won’t be long before your property has the customized garden area you’ve always wanted to highlight your business.

Every garden project begins with an in-depth consultation, so call us at (517) 339-2881 today to schedule yours. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Designing Gardens with Care

Commercial garden design is all about finding the right flowers and plants for the property. It isn’t enough to find ones that suit your tastes—it is about finding plants and flowers that suit the environment and will thrive in the climate. We might be able to plant the most exotic flowers on earth throughout the property, but that doesn’t guarantee that they’ll grow to fruition.

Thankfully, we have years of experience at Cherry Oak Landscaping. This experience has given us ample opportunity to familiarize ourselves with our field. We know what flower arrangements, fertilizers, soil types, and plants work in our area. We know how to devise irrigation systems that give them the water they need, and we know how to produce picture-perfect results. Our knowledge and attention to detail make us a cut above the rest in the world of commercial garden design services.

Alongside our comprehensive lawn, landscape, and garden solutions, we also offer our clients a customer experience like no other. Working with us guarantees that you’ll receive the following:

  • Quick turnarounds on work
  • On-time arrivals and friendly workers
  • Up-front estimates on services upon request
  • Full suite of landscape and garden services
  • Helpful gardening tips
  • …and more

Customized Garden Designs for You

We want to give you the garden you’re dreaming of—nothing less. While we’re qualified to offer many creative design plans and suggestions, we want you to know that you can have as much or as little input as you wish.

Take the customized approach with our team. Do you want numerous garden areas? Would you like to install footpaths throughout the garden? Let us know. Whatever you need, we can provide. We’re the professional garden designers you can always count on.

Gardens Make a Great Impression

We all know how important first impressions are. When it comes to your business, you want every visitor, newcomer, and passerby to notice your property for the right reasons. If you’re looking to help your business make a good impression on visitors and clients, updating the look of your gardens may be the solution you’re looking for. Cherry Oak Landscaping offers professional commercial garden design services based on years of experience and certified expertise. Our professional landscapers will work with you to design, construct, and maintain a garden that suits your aesthetic tastes and budgetary constraints.

Contact our team at (517) 339-2881 to book a consultation and help your business put its best foot forward!

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Professional Garden Designers

Trusting your business’s appearance to another company can be daunting—especially when it comes to your landscaping. Your property’s surroundings are an important reflection of your professionalism and dedication to client enjoyment. You want to be sure that your landscapers have the tools and experience to design and construct the perfect garden for your needs, with an eye for both beauty and longevity.

We’re the professional team of garden designers you’re looking for. We have a crew of experienced garden designers and landscaping technicians who can ensure your garden is designed, constructed, and maintained perfectly for years to come. We also always use the best equipment for the job, ensuring timely execution and perfect results.

Never put your property in the hands of landscapers who don’t specialize in gardens. Contact our team and get the experienced professionals you deserve!

Personalized Garden Designs

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution in commercial garden design. Your business has a unique space and aesthetic, and you need a garden that reflects this individuality to stand out from the rest. When you work with us, you’ll get a personalized garden design that has never been implemented for anyone else. This lets you showcase your taste and brand personality.

We work closely with our clients when designing their gardens. We always consider your input throughout the design and construction process. Choosing plants, arrangements, and potential hardscapes is all up to you as we look to give you a garden that matches your goals.

Book a consultation with our expert team to discuss the garden you’re looking for!

Working With All Businesses

There are many commercial properties in our region. Some have small courtyards, others expansive green spaces or lawns that hug the sidewalk for everyone to see. We have experience working in environments of all varieties, ensuring you and your business get the landscaping services you need to stand out. We work with small businesses, land developers, and everyone in between. We’re the team to call for design consultations, garden maintenance, and much more.

Our company is never out of our element with commercial gardens. We’re proud to have executed garden designs for a wide range of businesses, helping them catch the eye of their clients and customers. Our expertise can help any commercial space, including:

  • Plazas and shopping centers
  • Office buildings
  • Industrial facilities
  • Event centers
  • Hotels and resorts
  • …and more!

For a versatile garden design team, we’re the top choice. Contact us, and you can get a garden that reflects the personality and professionalism of your business!

Book a Garden Consultation

Cherry Oak Landscaping understands that you can only get the garden of your dreams with the communication and input of a consultation. We start all our projects with an open discussion about your goals and needs.

Phone us at (517) 339-2881 to book a consultation and start the design and planning process for your business’s new garden.

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