Here are a few traits you should expect when you finally take the plunge into working with an expert landscaper for your lawn care.

If you've worked with landscapers before, and they aren't providing services as comprehensive as the one we are about to outline, you should head straight for a better company. Hint, hint.

Continue reading for a thorough description of an elite lawn care service.

Professional, Swift Team of Landscapers

The landscaper you hire should know your needs better than you do. A good landscaper will set up a consultation with you and ask thorough, probing questions about your landscaping needs that get to the bottom of the matter quickly.

Once they start working, you should expect speed, confidence, properly functioning equipment, great results, and no slackers. Communication will be a priority unless otherwise decided, and the service should never deviate in its quality. All agreed aspects of the service should be upheld until the client changes.

A Team That Gets Right to Work

Once you've fully established your lawn care plan, here is what to expect once your team arrives on the first day.

It will take two or three sessions for a good crew to memorize your property and devise a good plan that works every time.

You should expect your landscapers to jump out of their truck, pull their equipment safely off their trailer, and get right to it.

A Team That Works with an Intentioned, Uniform Manner

There must be a plan in place before the blade meets the grass. Whether your grassy area is a few square feet or a few acres, your landscapers should use a strategy when mowing your lawn.

A knowledgeable lawn mower will start at one corner and exit out the opposite corner. Whether using a push mower or a ride-on, the mowing will involve entering, mowing once around the perimeter, then cutting the rest of the grass in a graceful, zig-zag pattern that leaves nice lines behind.

Mow, Trim, Blow—In That Order

It will be important for your team not to work erratically or without strategy at any point throughout their time. Your lawn must be mowed, trimmed, and then blown for great results. This is the only logical way to do it.

Of course, mowing handles the bulk of the job and depending on how long your grass is, your grass will require two mows—one with a mulch bag done at height and one without a mulch bag on a lower setting.

Trimming ensures the edges are uniform with the fresh grass, which cannot be done the other way around. Finally, with leaf blowers, your landscapers will blow all visible clippings onto the grass so your walkways are clear.

Always Leaving the Site Clean

The importance of leaving your site clean cannot be overstated. When landscaping is not cleaned up properly, it doesn't matter how well the grass was cut - it doesn't look very pleasant.

One of the best ways your team can ensure a job well done at the end is to complete a walkabout the property, remove breakable objects, and put them back after. The leaf blower, of course, is the essential final touch.

Lawn Care Pros

The landscapers you hire should be very knowledgeable about the grass. Knowing when it is appropriate to cut grass is the bare minimum, as improper lawn mowing can do serious damage.

Your landscapers should understand fertilizers, weed killers, pest control, and when to use them. With the right lawn care company, you should expect to see consistent improvement in your lawn.

Mowing the Lawn Only When It's Appropriate

If your landscaping is soaking wet from rain, it should not be cut, and your landscapers should understand.

Under your grass is dirt, and when wet, it softens. Heavy equipment that runs over wet grass leaves ruts and black mud lines all over your lawn. This is not a mistake made by experts.

Amenable to Your Lifestyle

You should expect your landscaper to be able to manage your schedule. Therefore, you should also expect a thorough consultation process. A good lawn care company will be organized, have a large crew, and find a way to cut your grass when it works for you.

You don't have to settle for your lawn care. Make sure your landscaper is willing to meet your scheduling needs.

Can Handle Commercial Properties and Large Residential Complexes

A good landscaping company will be very familiar with handling large commercial and residential properties.

If you have a large amount of grass you need to manage, look towards a team with the equipment to take care of the job easily. This is generally not a job for a ragtag group of teenage landscapers, so opt for a team like Cherry Oak Landscaping that knows exactly what you're looking for.

Operates Well Maintained Equipment Smoothly

The equipment a landscaper uses is the crown jewel of their operation. Equipment breaking down is not a good sign for the landscaping team you are looking to hire.

A good landscaping company will keep their equipment in a warehouse and perform maintenance on the machines after every use. Ensuring the devices work before getting started is a big indicator of the kind of landscaper you should look for.

Once they are on the grass, your landscapers should look like pros on their machines. They claim to be pros anyway. When you work with a team like Cherry Oak Landscaping, you can expect an absolute mastery of the equipment used to improve your lawn.

In Conclusion

It would help if you looked for a well-reviewed, professional team of landscapers that knows what they are doing. The team you hire should be able to answer all your questions and provide suggestions where necessary flawlessly. They will help you design a landscaping program that matches your budget, and they should provide noticeable improvements in your landscape.

The lawn care professional you hire should be a pleasure to work with. You don't have to deal with a team of slackers when you'd prefer to work with a knowledgeable pro. Work with Cherry Oak Landscaping to receive all the benefits we've just mentioned.