We know it’s hard to imagine.

But soon the snow will melt. The temperatures will rise. And it’ll be time to rediscover your property all over again.

That’s why we put together a list of 6 tips that will inspire you to start thinking about your spring projects—while the snow is still on the ground. Take a few minutes to forget the snow and start envisioning your perfect property now!

  1. Shed New Light on Your Backyard with Landscape Lighting

    Want to fall in love with your garden all over again?

    Carefully designed landscape lighting might be the answer! Landscape lighting will not only illuminate your garden and backyard. It will give it shape, shadow, and texture. By carefully selecting the type and position of your lights, your garden will suddenly appear mysterious and enchanting.

    The problem is, most people design their landscape lighting for utility alone. They’ll set up flood lights so they can see clearly at night and automated security lights to protect their property. But this is only scratching the surface of what’s possible.

    Imagine your garden in full bloom. Then imagine it shrouded in darkness, lit only by small lanterns. Standing at your backdoor, you see flashes of color and alien shapes. With the proper lighting, those flowers, shrubs, and leafy plants will take on a nocturnal life—illuminated long after the sun goes down! Your barbecues and backyard gatherings will never be the same.

  2. Create Functional Spaces with Paths and Hardscape Features

    Landscaping has two objectives:

    • Beauty: To create a beautiful property that’s lovely to look at and even nicer to relax in.
    • Functionality: To create a usable space that allows everyone to enjoy it in their own way.

    Good landscapers always bring these two objectives together. And at Cherry Oak Landscaping, that’s our number one priority. Which is why, although we’re all about lawn care, we also put a lot of emphasis on hardscaping.

    Hardscaping allows you to divide your property into distinct but interconnected spaces. Imagine your property as one big open lawn. It’s hard to know what to do with it. It’s almost overwhelming. But by adding paths and a patio, you can turn part of it into an area to eat or have a drink. That will leave another section for the garden which we can encircle with pavers or stones. Need an area for the kids to run around in? Use hardscaping to give them a sense of the boundary lines for their game of soccer!

    Hardscaping gives form to open spaces and makes it more functional by telling everyone what can be done in what area. You’ll love meandering through your garden, relaxing in your outdoor kitchen, or walking down the pavers path to see the kids running around.

  3. Make Your Garden Smile with a Careful Selection of Seasonal Flowers

    While you’re staying inside keeping warm this winter, why not browse the Internet for some garden design tips? It’s one thing to have a garden full of your favorite flowers. It’s another to have them beautiful arranged so that the colors, quantities, and shapes perfectly compliment one another.

    Once you know what types of flowers you want, try drawing out your design and use pencil crayons or markers to fill in the colors. Don’t worry about sketching the flowers themselves, all you need to know is which colors compliment each other and which one’s clash. Having a strong plan for your garden will guarantee that when your flowers bloom, they’ll be bursting with personality!

    Remember, the garden designers at Cherry Oak Landscaping can always help. Give us a call if you want tips on how to take your garden to the next level!

  4. Find a Lawn Care Package That Suits Your Property and Your Schedule

    There is no better way to create a stunning lawn than with a scheduled lawn maintenance program. Sure, regular lawn maintenance will free up your weekends, but that’s only the beginning.

    Take our schedule lawn care plans for example. We’ve spent years honing our skills and creating lawn care plans that are specifically suited to your soil conditions. We know when to fertilize, when to aerate, when to mow, and when to weed. We know which pests can put your lawn at risk and what can make it thrive. And we want to share that information with you!

    Take a look at our lawn care page to learn more about our exceptional lawn maintenance services and book your scheduled maintenance plan—before the good weather hits!

  5. Your Plants Need Water So Why Not Try an Irrigation System?

    A well-designed irrigation system is a great way to save water this summer. Forget about watering the garden with a hose or setting up the sprinkler to water the lawn. What a waste of water!

    Don’t let your precious water (and money) evaporate. And don’t let it drain away either. The clouds and the sewers have enough water already. With an irrigation system from Cherry Oak Landscaping, your plants get the water they need, where they need it most.

    Our timed irrigation systems work on schedules that make it easy for the plants to absorb the maximum water before evaporation. They also put the water right by the roots, rather than letting it sit on the leaves or flower petals. Our irrigation systems are ideal for homeowners who want to have the greenest lawn and the healthiest garden!

  6. Create Atmosphere and Ambience with a Water Feature

    There’s no better way to take your property to the next level than installing a water feature. In the past, we’ve built waterfalls with boulders carefully selected to make it look 100% natural. Not only will you be able to enjoy the ambient rumble of falling water, or the trickling sound of a brook, you’ll also discover the joys of being closer to nature!

    Imagine if every morning, while you’re having your coffee, you stumbled upon an ancient waterfall? That could be you. Don’t believe us? Just check out our showcase of previous work to check out a few of the water features we’ve built in the past!

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