Deck Staining and Restoration in Lansing

Providing quality craftsmanship for decades, Cherry Oak Landscaping offers a range of top-notch decking services to residents of Lansing. If you just purchased a property or want to revitalize your existing one, we can help you with all your deck needs.

We handle every kind of deck maintenance service, including deck staining and restoration. No matter how big or small your deck is, we can bring shine and color back to its lackluster surface. Our qualified staff will get your deck looking brand new and ready to face the seasons.

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Efficient and Low-Cost Deck Restorations in Lansing

Cherry Oak Landscaping is renowned in Lansing for our efficient deck restoration services. We understand that having contractors on your property can interrupt your activities. You may even have to adjust your schedule to fit them in. That is why we are committed to providing a fast and seamless deck restoration for you.

Our staff will ensure their service is conducted with supreme speed without compromising quality. With our quick application, you will enjoy minimal disruptions to your living. We also facilitate a speedy deck restoration to keep our labor hours low. This way, we can pass on our savings to you for an affordable deck restoration service. Our clients appreciate our service saving them time and money.

Expert Deck Staining Service

Cherry Oak Landscaping offers effective wood staining and sealing to protect your deck from decay and rot. Our staining also gives a beautiful natural look to your deck while protecting it against the elements. We possess a variety of stains for your deck in Lansing. From transparent to semi-transparent and solid stains, we can give you a suitable grade of deck stain to match your taste and the style of your home.

Our team will sand down the parts of your deck that are worn to get a smooth surface. We will then go over the entire length and breadth of your deck with our best-in-class deck staining products to achieve a homogenous look to your deck.

If you’re not sure of the color or type of product you want, speak to our knowledgeable crew for expert recommendations.

Hire Cherry Oak Landscaping for Your Deck Staining and Restoration in Lansing

Our company has built a stellar reputation for ourselves in Lansing. We are the most established and trusted decking and landscaping company in the region for a reason. Our staff embodies Cherry Oak Landscaping’s values in high service standards and unmatched customer support, enabling our clients to get the best out of their decks for years to come.

Our professional staff is hard-working, knowledgeable, and detail-oriented and will help make your deck look great again. Let our specialized deck staining and restoration service work to revive your old or worn-out deck in Lansing. Call our team at (517) 339-2881 to book a consultation with our trusted specialists now.

Deck Staining and Restoration in Lansing

Do you have a deck that has seen better days? Is the wood beginning to peel, or are you noticing mold growth? Perhaps your deck has lost its original shine, and you would like to give it a restorative makeover! If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Cherry Oak Landscaping is a leading deck staining and restoration service provider in Lansing. We’re committed to helping customers bring their old decks back to life and enjoy them anew. Our deck staining and restoration services are famous across the region, bringing a new look to our customers’ yards and revitalizing their investments for years to come.

If you have a deck that needs some work to bring it back to its original glory, call us at (517) 339-2881 to speak to our expert deck restorers and book a consultation.

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Professional Deck Staining Services

Cherry Oak Landscaping is proud to provide exemplary deck restoration services to maintain the condition and longevity of decks throughout Lansing. We treat every deck as if it were our own, meticulously applying the client’s preferred type and shade of stain and ensuring that every inch of the deck is properly sealed. Our diligence is why residents of Lansing entrust us with their deck staining and restoration.

If you’re looking to revitalize your deck, call us at (517) 339-2881 to get a free quote.

Why Your Deck Needs Staining

Due to the large amounts of sun, rain, and extreme temperatures your deck is exposed to, it will weather, weaken, discolor, and warp over time. That’s why it’s essential to incorporate a shield on your deck against the elements. Cherry Oak Landscaping will stain and seal your deck to increase its lifespan and protect your investment. Staining or sealing your deck can help extend its life considerably, as it will repel moisture from the wood and secure it from harmful UV damage from the sun. Our professional deck staining services will give your deck the shine and gleam to make it look brand new again while also helping it weather the elements for years to come.

Why You Need Professional Staining

You may be wondering why you can’t simply apply the sealant or stain yourself. After all, isn’t it just a matter of brushing it across the wooden planks? However, we know from experience that if you use the wrong product on your deck or don’t apply it evenly and consistently, it may end up becoming a peeling nightmare that is difficult and costly to fix.

That’s why our clients turn to us to get their decks stained. We select a high-quality sealant that is crucial to the health of your deck. We’ve done the research and are up to date with the advancements in our industry to find top-quality sealant products that deliver uncompromising results every time.

How Cherry Oak Landscaping’s Can Help You

When you work with Cherry Oak Landscaping, you can always be sure you’re receiving the best practices, products, and results for your property. Our hand-picked and skillfully applied product on your deck makes your outdoor structure easy to keep clean and maintain. We offer a broad range of options in color and texture and will work alongside you to implement your preferences and deliver a personalized project that will satisfy your needs.

Our Deck Restoration Process

Cherry Oak Landscaping is renowned for our deck restoration process in Lansing. Residential and commercial customers turn to us to restore their outdoor wooden fixtures to their original state. From patios to decks, we work on all types of outdoor structures to help them withstand the elements they’re exposed to.

When you work with us to restore your decks, we’ll proceed according to the following process:


All our projects begin with a free consultation. At this stage, a member of our team will sit down with you to understand your goals with specifics and inspect the current state of your deck.

From there, we’ll evaluate the service and products necessary for your project and accordingly provide you with an in-depth quote that will contain our recommended course of action, cost breakdown, timeline, and available options.

Deck Cleaning

Once we’ve decided to work together, we’ll clean the surface of your deck thoroughly to remove any aggravating debris so our staining product will penetrate the wood smoothly. We’ll effectively remove mildew, dirt, and existing stain by rigorously washing your deck to prepare the surface for restoration.

Deck Sanding

After cleaning your deck, if it is required, we’ll lightly sand it as well. If your deck has an existing stain on it, we’ll administer a more heavy-duty sanding process because the cleaning phase may not eliminate the stain completely.

Deck Staining

Cherry Oak Landscaping’s technicians will implement an oil-based stain that also acts as a sealant to protect your deck from mildew, mold, sun, rain, and rotting. We apply this product diligently across your deck, ensuring every inch is covered, including the edges and corners.

Once we’ve finished the staining process, we perform a quality check to make sure our deck restoration is complete and satisfies the customer. After this procedure, it’s recommended to wait for one to two days to let your deck stain dry fully before using it.

Benefits of Our Professional Deck Staining

There are several reasons residents in Lansing turn to us for their deck staining services. We’ve listed below some of the significant benefits we can bring to your property when we stain your deck:

Enhanced Appearance

Your deck’s appearance can be maintained and enhanced by routine staining from Cherry Oak Landscaping. We’ll highlight your natural wood grain and offer you a wide array of colors and tints to match your deck’s wood shade.

Avoid Rotting

If your deck begins to rot, there’s no way to stop or reverse the process. Rotting is an unsightly blemish on your deck that can spread and compromise the deck's structural integrity. Cherry Oak Landscaping ensures our deck staining will secure your deck from rotting due to mildew, termites, or mold.


Our deck staining will protect your deck from water damage that arises from rain, spills, and lawn irrigation.

Prevent Discoloration

The sun fades the color of any element in its path if left there for too long. Cherry Oak Landscaping can stain your wood to secure its true coloring and maintain it for the long haul despite the exposure to the sun your deck receives.

Choose Cherry Oak Landscaping for Your Deck Restoration in Lansing

If you’re like most homeowners, you can be found hanging out on your deck as soon as the weather gets nice. A deck provides an ideal surface for neighborhood barbeques, family get-togethers, and outdoor celebrations. And beyond entertainment, a deck is great place to have day of relaxation basking in the sun. Your deck does a lot for you! Isn’t it time you do something for it? When it comes to keeping your deck in top shape, it is critically important that you get your deck professionally stained bi-annually – and that’s where we come in! At Cherry Oak Landscaping, we are a leading landscaping company in Lansing MI, offering deck staining and restoration services to residents in our community.

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Licensed Deck Contractors

To ensure you get the most from your deck contractors, you want to ensure they have the proper experience and licenses. The results of any deck restoration project hinge on the quality of the work crew. That’s why we’re committed to hiring only the best deck building and restoration team in the area.

Our company is fully registered and insured, and our contracting crew is fully licensed to perform deck staining, restorations, repairs, and more. With many years of successful business behind us, we like to think we’ve mastered the trade, helping many clients transform their old and shabby decks into beautiful new outdoor spaces.

We’re passionate contractors who love partnering with clients to craft sturdy, innovative, and aesthetically pleasing decks that perform season after season. We hope that with our services you feel ready to take advantage of another year outdoors, hosting friends and family on a deck that’s built to last.

Deck Staining

Your deck is constantly exposed to elements that degrade its appearance. Over time, rain, sunshine, and humidity will cause your deck to become weathered in appearance. While you can’t stop Mother Nature from doing what she does best, applying a seal and stain to your deck can provide a line of defense. In addition to added protection, a stain can enhance the aesthetics of your deck by bringing out its natural beauty.

Deck Restoration

Is your deck warping, splintering, or showing signs of sun damage? If your deck has seen better days, we can make your deck look new again without the cost or the headache of a deck replacement. We offer a wide range of deck restoration services, including:

  • • Board and spindle replacement
  • • Railing repair and replacement
  • • Stair repair and replacement

If you need a new surface for your deck, you can count on our deck building contractors to give you the perfect solution for your needs. We’ll help make your deck as beautiful and safe as new, with structural replacements that take the whole construction to the next level.

Seamless Deck Restorations

When you decide on a new deck restoration, you want the whole thing to look uniform and seamless when it’s finished. To perform a complete restoration project, we may need to replace boards throughout the deck, including on the stairs and under the railing. Before we consider any deck staining and restoration project complete, we know we have to ensure the whole project comes together into a single whole.

Depending on the work that needs to be done on your deck, we can adapt our process to ensure the finished result comes together perfectly. Our highest goal is to give you a deck that looks as though it hasn’t even had work done on it. You deserve a result that looks and functions as good as new, and we’ll always deliver on this promise.

Low-Maintenance Deck Solutions

If you have been thinking about restoring your deck but are worried about the upkeep, we have the solutions for you. When we replace deck boards, we use high-quality vinyl sheet membrane and watertight decking boards, which are guaranteed to look great for many years with little to no work required.

We also use a stain that’s resistant to water and sunlight, helping you feel confident that you won’t need to touch up the surface for years to come. We want your deck to function and look great as long as possible, which is why we always invest in the materials we use.

When compared to other materials, it is hard to compete with the convenience of our high-quality deck staining and restoration services. If you have any questions about our building materials, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more details.

Fast Turnarounds on Deck Restorations

In most cases, your deck restoration project won't take longer than a day or two to complete, depending on its size and your availability. Depending on the scope of the project, we can split the work up into a couple of days, adjusting for your schedule.

With all our staining and restoration projects, we strive to provide fast turnarounds because we know that our clients want to get back to enjoying their property privately. Always let us know how we can accommodate your needs and schedule.

Without a doubt, we’re the top restoration team. We offer perfect results for your deck at timelines faster than anyone else, helping you get back to enjoying your outdoor patio space. With our focus on efficiency and speed, you’ll be able to get a deck that’s as good as new in almost no time at all!

Deck Restorations You Can Afford

If you’re looking for an affordable way to get a deck that is as beautiful and stable as new, a deck restoration project is the best option. Rather than spending all your money on the materials and labor that are necessary to build a new deck, you can refurbish your existing deck, helping you keep your costs much lower than expected, with a result that’s virtually the same as a new construction.

With our team, you can expect to save even more money. We care about your bottom line just as much as our own, which is why we’re careful to tailor our services to your budget. Before starting a project, we get to know your financial capabilities, and we let this guide our process for building the deck. We work efficiently with time and resources to complete projects in as budget-friendly a manner as possible.

To get a quote for your deck staining and restoration project, give our team a call!

Consultations For Your Deck

When we start a deck restoration and staining project, we always like to know the deck that we’re working with first. It’s important to us that we understand the state of your current deck before getting to work. In this way, we can know the best ways we can help, whether that’s through improved structural components or simply refurbishing the look.

To give you services that perfectly match your needs, we recommend that you book a consultation on your property with us. We’ll come to your home and look closely at your deck, assessing its weaknesses and places we can improve it. During the assessment, we’ll review the structure of the deck and identify any places where the wood will need to be replaced. We’ll also discuss how you want the deck to look, recommending any stains or paints that will help with this.

The consultation is also your opportunity to set a budget and timeline for the deck restoration project. We’ll take all the information we get from this consultation and put together a plan that will match the needs of your deck, schedule, and finances. Give us a call today to book your own consultation!

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