Landscape Construction in Howell

If you’re looking for a company who can take your bare backyard and transform it into a picture-perfect landscape, look no further than Cherry Oak Landscaping. We always keep the best interests of you and Mother Nature in mind. Call us at (517) 339-2881 today.


Craft the Perfect Landscape from Scratch

When you were having your family home built, did you find it easier working with several different contractors for the many tasks involved, or would you have rather worked with a general contractor?

If you did work with a general contractor, you were probably relieved to have a full-fledged project manager on board. You were probably overjoyed that you didn’t have to contact a dozen or more different subcontractors, weren’t you?

At Cherry Oak Landscaping, we provide a full service like that of a general contractor on a construction site. With us, you won’t have to find someone to contract your retaining wall, build your pergola, or trim your trees. We’re the full-service landscape construction team!

With us you can always expect:

  • Free Consultations
  • Warranties on All Services
  • Flexible Scheduling Options
  • …and more!

Our Landscape Plans Leave No Stone Unturned

Every project begins with a well-developed plan. When we meet with you, we’ll ask you all kinds of questions. We’ll ask you about your budget for up-front costs, your hopes, and how much money you’re willing to invest in future maintenance and upkeep.

What’s more, we’ll also inspect your property thoroughly. The condition of your property will tell us what work needs to be done, which hardscapes and softscapes thrive, and more.

Our Landscape Design and Construction Services Are Performed on Your Schedule

As we said, we’re every homeowner’s one-stop-shop for all their landscaping needs. Even if you need a sophisticated sprinkler system installed on your property, we’re the company for you.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Perennial Flower Care
  • Lawn Care services
  • Lawn Edging
  • Seat Walls
  • Retaining Wall Construction
  • Ponds, Waterfalls, and Fountains
  • Natural Flagstone Patios
  • Drainage and Irrigation

Lawn Maintenance and More: We’ll Construct Your Landscape and Take Care of it Too!

After we’ve given you the landscape you’ve always wanted, we’ll also take care of it. Not just for a few months, but for years and years to come.

Landscape maintenance and general upkeep is essential for the health of your property, and it will also keep you from having to pay for costly repairs.

Backyard Design and Construction: Give Yourself the Best Backyard on the Block

Your backyard shouldn’t just be where you store your barbecue or recycling bins. Your backyard should be a private sanctuary for you and all your guests to enjoy. We can design you a backyard that is practical and aesthetically pleasing.

The Best Landscaping Company in Howell

To us, your weedy and overgrown backyard isn’t a catastrophe—it is a blank canvas for our creativity! Call us today at (517) 339-2881 to request our services.