When you’re seeking the support of a trusted snow removal team in East Lansing, Cherry Oak Landscaping is the only name to know. For years we have been helping homeowners manage the snow and ice on their properties, shoveling, laying down salt and sand, chipping up large ice patches and much more.

Our services are as affordable as they are reliable. We charge for the work we do and we provide you with the support when the snow blows through.

If you have specific needs you’d like us to meet, just let us know. We’ll do all we can to provide you with services you’ll love.

To learn more about us, our schedule and how we do business, connect with us at (517) 339-2881.

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Combine Landscaping and Snow Service to Save

We bring superior project management, a deep body of experience, safety certifications, and a wide range of advanced machinery to every landscaping and snow project we tackle.

Moreover, since you're already aware of what we can do to keep your property in top shape during the warmer months, you already know we'll bring the same level of commitment to your satisfaction when you hire us to clear ice and snow.

Another benefit of being our year-round clients is the access to savings you can enjoy. You can save big when you bundle our services to include snow clearing and deicing services in the winter.

Find out why more homeowners opt to leave the heavy lifting in our capable hands. Phone our team today for a risk-free estimate.

What Are the Rules for Snow Clearing on Private Property?

Some rules govern snow clearing on private property that homeowners and the snow removal companies they hire must follow.

These include:

  • Snow cannot be discarded onto sidewalks, the road, or neighboring properties
  • Snow must be removed and discarded in an approved location
  • Property owners are responsible for clearing or having their driveways cleared to make it easier for emergency services to access their home
  • Property owners must remove snowbanks deposited at the ends of their driveway from the city street clearing services

When you hire a capable snow service like ours, you won't have to worry about being on the hook for lifting and clearing a heavy snowbank from the end of your driveway.

Moreover, you can have us ensure your emergency exits are free and clear of ice and snow and that entries to your garage or parking spaces are free of slip and fall hazards when you need to use them.

Phone our team to explore more benefits of working with a top-rated plow company.

Residential Snow Plowing Services

The unpredictable nature of the weather coupled with your busy schedule, might make it hard to get to work on time in the winter. Even when you plan to spend the time needed to clear your driveway of the heavy white stuff, another layer can form before your eyes. In addition to unpredictable accumulation, the city plow can come by and stifle your efforts at any time.

When you enlist our residential snow plowing service, you can be free of the worry and stress associated with snowy weather. All you'll have to do is schedule our services, and we'll take care of keeping your driveway clear and accessible when the snowflakes start to accumulate.

Plowing Residential Driveways

How long does it take to shovel your driveway after a snowfall? How does your body feel when you're done? You're a good candidate for our services if it takes you longer than 30 minutes and it feels like you've just completed an iron man marathon.

Plowing residential driveways will take our expert operators very little time. When we're complete, we can provide deicing solutions like salt and sand to help eliminate slips and falls.

We're always looking forward to answering your questions, and our consultation appointments are offered with no risks or strings attached. Just call to talk to us today to learn more about the services we provide to make your winters easier.

Residential Sidewalk Snow Removal

When you're on the hook for keeping the sidewalk in front of your home clear of snow, slush, and ice in winter, our residential sidewalk-snow removal options are ideal. Not only are they an affordable way to tackle safety and accessibility during our wintery months, but we're also committed to being reliable.

We know how important it is to get out and enjoy the community even during the cold weather, so we're committed to arriving in a timely manner to perform the services we have scheduled with you.

Call us to explore customizable services tailored to your needs.

Deicing Sidewalks and Front Steps

Winter is notorious for leaving its mark in the form of frozen and icy front steps, slippery walkways, and icy obstacles in your driveway. When you're searching for budget-friendly deicing solutions, we're here to help.

Count on us to come by and spread the salt or sand that will help guarantee traction and reduce the chance of slips and falls on icy paths and walkways this winter. Feel free to ask us any questions by contacting us for a non-committal consultation today.

Salt and Sand for Snow and Ice Safety at Home

Salt is an attractive option when you want to melt ice and leave nothing but bare pavement behind. Sand is another affordable option that will give you the traction you need without worrying about any adverse effects on your landscaping.

Allow us to help you choose a deicing and winter safety strategy that compliments your budget and works best for you. Call us today to learn more.

Residential Snow Removal Pricing

Our residential snow removal pricing reflects our commitment to keeping our rates affordable so more homeowners can access the services they need to stay safe and comfortable all winter long. Since your goals and property might differ from your neighbors, we recommend contacting us to discuss it before we put together an upfront estimate on your behalf.

Reach out today to get started.

Benefits of Working with a Well-Established Residential Snow Removal Business

During the spring, summer, and fall months, our technicians are dedicated to supplying you with landscaping solutions that improve your curb appeal and enjoyment of your property. When winter rolls around, we shift gears and focus on being the residential snow removal business that puts our clients first.

Here are some of the top benefits of hiring our top-performing snow removal teams:

  • Reliable and personalized service
  • Customizable snow-clearing schedules and options
  • Affordable pricing
  • Professional service that is guaranteed
  • Licensed and fully insured plow operators
  • Commitment to safety

Don't spend another year dreading the first snowfall and every subsequent weather event. Schedule our services now so you can be free of the burden and get back to enjoying our community every season.

Snow Removal When You Need It

You can’t control when the snow flies but you can control who you call, and Cherry Oak Landscaping invites you to reach us. If you contact us before the season starts we can keep an eye on the forecast and estimate when you may need our assistance.

If you have specific snow or ice issues you’re dealing with that go beyond a big snow dump, let our team know. We have equipment and personnel at the ready to assist you on your schedule.

To check our availability, reach us directly. We would be happy to provide you with any and all information you need.

Snow Removal for Private Homes

Removing snow from your private property may be a chore you’ve taken on yourself in the past. Perhaps you no longer have time to remove snow from your pathways, maybe your driveway is too long, or perhaps you’re worried about the adverse effects that snow removal could have on your back. No matter the reason, our experts are here to help.

We specialize in working on commercial properties like yours and will do everything we can to deliver you snow removal services personalized to your unique home and property.

We understand that having service providers on your personal property for an extended period isn’t ideal and we’ll work quickly to complete the job efficiently so you can move on with your day as soon as possible.

Affordable Snow Removal Services You Can Count On

In this neck of the woods, everyone needs the support of a snow removal team. We want to be able to offer our services to as many locals as possible which is why we are very proud to have competitive rates. The cost of the service will depend on the size of your property, the assistance you need and how often we come to your site, but we will be happy to provide you with straightforward, honest pricing information from the beginning.

To inquire about our rates, connect with us by phone or email at your convenience.

Keep Your Family Safe with Ice and Snow Removal

Snow and ice removal is not just an aesthetic endeavor, more than anything it’s about accessibility and safety. Large piles of snow and icy patches can make getting to and from your home very challenging, especially for those who are elderly or dealing with disabilities.

Investing in professional snow removal will allow you to ensure the safety of your loved ones and make moving around in the winter significantly less annoying too!

Snow Removal for Long Lanes

If you have a long driveway or laneway you may have had a hard time getting a snow removal team to accommodate you, but our experts would be happy to do just that. We have the vehicles and equipment needed to take care of large spaces quickly. We can be up and down your drive or laneway in under an hour, with the help of our diligent team and state-of-the-art snow removal equipment.

Backyard Snow Management

It isn’t just the front of your property that experiences heavy snow, your backyard can suffer too and if you use your backyard space in the winter, having snow removal on call is probably a good idea.

Our team is happy to clear off back patios and deck spaces or make walkways in the snow our to sheds and other buildings on your property. Whatever kind of support you need our experts are happy to provide it for you.

Prioritize Curb Appeal with Snow Removal

If you are looking to sell your home, or if you just want your front yard to stand out on the block, managing snow is important. Having a tidy path to and from your home will make you property look well looked after. This has the power to impress guests and passersby, as well as make your property stand out in this competitive housing market!

Friendy and Reliable Snow Removal Experts

We are service providers first. It’s important to our snow removal team to make great connections with our clients so they trust us and wish to rely on our services season in and season out. If there is any way that we can work to make your service more beneficial, we invite you to chat with our experts. We will go above and beyond to not only meet but exceed your expectations.

When you hire our experts you can expect friendly, knowledgeable and hardworking tradespeople.

Customized Snow Removal Services

Over the years, our team has learned that every property is different and requires a unique approach. Whether you live on a large property of many acres or if you live in a semi-detached home with a small driveway, our experts will prioritize your request and deliver you the services you need when you need them.

Before we work on your property we would love to sit down with you and chat about your needs and expectations. This consultation will give us the opportunity to get to know you and your property so we can do the best possible job when we’re on site.

For more information, or to schedule a consultation with our team, please dial (517) 339-2881.

We look forward to working with you!

Quality Snow Removal Services

Cherry Oak Landscaping is proud to offer residential snow removal services to homeowners in East Lansing and the surrounding area. Our services are highly customized and designed to meet the needs of unique property owners. We work on a case-by-case basis, but you can count on us to be there for you when the snow falls.

To learn more about our offerings or to schedule a consultation with our expert team today, please dial (517) 339-2881.

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Snow Removal Experts with the Tools for the Job

While you can remove snow yourself using a shovel, it can be time-consuming and hard on the body. Our experts, however, have more than just shovels at our disposal. We also have snowblowers and special tools to break away frozen snow and ice, leaving your property as clear as possible.

When you outsource snow removal to an expert, you’re not just saving yourself from a sore back, you’re also ensuring that the job is done properly.

We take great care of our equipment so you can feel confident about our services. We run a tight ship when it comes to our residential snow removal service, and part of what makes that possible is the maintenance we do on our equipment. We take care of our snow removal equipment after every use. We store our equipment in a safe place and have specialized mechanics to help us maintain and continue to provide exceptional work for our clients.

Convenient Snow Removal Services

While our team would love to set up a regular snow removal schedule with you, this isn’t exactly how the weather works. Instead, we will keep our eye out for snowfall and arrive at your property in its aftermath to remove snow before it gets in your way. Because we keep such a close eye on the weather, we are consistently the first snow removal team on the road. This means you can expect your property to be cleared of snow before someone can slip on any ice.

If there is a certain time of day that you exit or enter your property, please let our team know. We’ll take these factors into consideration when coming by to remove snow. It is very easy to set a specific snow removal routine with us. We remain flexible to the needs of our clients and commit to staying flexible throughout our business relationship. Take advantage of the most convenient residential snow removal service in East Lansing.

Give us a call today!

Affordable Snow Removal from Your Friends at Cherry Oak Landscaping

We want our snow removal services to be accessible to as many clients as possible, so we are proud to offer some of the best rates in town. The cost of your snow removal service will depend on the size of your space and how long the service takes to complete, but we’d be happy to crunch some numbers and provide you with a cost estimate from the get-go.

In our history as one of the best snow removal businesses in the area, we have deviated from the pack by continuously providing exceptional results and flexible services at reasonable prices. Please call our team if you're on a budget but still require professional property management when it snows. Take advantage of our willingness to help! Was your snow removal unsatisfactory last season? Try us instead!

For more pricing information, contact our team directly. You can always reach us at (517) 339-2881 to get started.

Superior Snow Removal Services

Our snow removal company has worked hard and earned an excellent reputation in the local area. Today, we are proud to offer homeowners snow removal care, completely unparalleled by competition in the area.

When you hire Cherry Oak Landscaping for snow removal, you can expect:

  • A customized approach
  • A detailed meeting
  • Friendly and professional personnel
  • The use of quality tools and techniques
  • Reliable response when the snow flies
  • Thorough, detail-oriented snow removal
  • Speedy completion
  • Affordable rates

If there is anything our team can do to make your service more satisfactory, we invite you to contact us by phone or email today. We’re always happy to hear feedback and take your requests.

Save Your Time with Professional Snow Removal

Shoveling your driveway and walkway can be very tedious and time-consuming. Instead of spending your precious free time clearing away pesky snow and ice, get in touch with Cherry Oak Landscaping.

We love helping our clients clear their snow. We started this branch of our business because we know it's a service many East Lansing locals want. Let's be honest: who wouldn't want some help when it snows? Luckily, we're here to provide that service, and we enjoy doing it—bonus!

Saved time is an asset whether you're a home or business owner. If you can't risk losing the time it takes to de-snow and de-ice your property, or you simply don't want to, we are the team for you. Spend your time doing anything else! Leave the snow removal to the pros.

Get in touch with Cherry Oak Landscaping for your professional snow removal needs. We're always willing to help. Give us a call today to learn more about your snow removal options.

Expert Snow Removal from Cherry Oak Landscaping

Are you looking to hire a professional snow management team this winter season? Cherry Oak Landscaping has you covered.

For years our experts have been working closely with homeowners in the East Lansing area to remove snow when it falls and ensure the safety of walkways, driveways, and steps. We are happy to work on a schedule that suits you and will pay close attention to the forecast to ensure that you’re never left under a pile of fresh snow.

To learn more about the services we offer or to schedule a meeting with our landscape maintenance experts today, please dial (517) 339-2881

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A Snow Removal Team with the Tools for the Job

While there are other snow removal experts to choose from in the local area, none offer the services we do. Our team has spent years improving our offerings, and today we're proud to count on a fleet of snow blowers and various shovels to get the job done fast.

Not only will we remove the snow from your driveway, laneway, walkway, and steps, but we can clear off decks and patio spaces too. We're also happy to put down salt or sand and pick away at stubborn ice to improve the safety of your areas too.

When it comes to winter accessibility, Cherry Oak Landscaping is the only name to know, and we look forward to helping you out.

Flexible Scheduling Options

When we say we're flexible, we mean it. As service providers, we understand the importance of putting the needs of our clients before anything else, and doing so has worked very well in our favor. We are very acclimated to a winter snow removal schedule. The truth is, we've designed our business around it.

Being accommodating to the needs of our clients is what we do best, and we look forward to showing you what that means. When you call and tell us what kind of snow removal service you require, we will work out the right schedule for your needs. We will still to the schedule until discussed otherwise, and you can always count on us to do a good job.

How Emphasizing Customer Service Helps You

Our client satisfaction is our bread and butter. If our clients aren't happy, we can't operate anymore, so we do everything we can to avoid that. We will work hard to satisfy your needs and be flexible because that separates us from the pack. When you work with us, you'll be dealing with a friendly team of experts in their field.

We know everything there is to know about snow removal and how to do it efficiently, and let's not forget how effectively we do it either. There is simply no better or wiser choice in East Lansing than to go with Cherry Oak Landscaping for your snow removal needs. Get in touch with us today, and one of our very friendly representatives will attend to your needs and set you up with a suitable snow removal package. It's better to contact us before winter sets in, but we'll be there to help regardless. Get in touch whenever you feel inclined to speak with the local snow removal expert.

Trust Our Experts for Residential Snow Management

When you hire a professional team to service your private property, you don't want to choose any old company. You want to hire experts you can trust to treat your space with care and respect, and when you count on Cherry Oak Landscaping, you can expect that and so much more.

Our team understands the sensitive nature of working on residential properties, and we're happy to listen to your requests and conduct our snow management in a way that suits you. We also promise to use nothing but the utmost care when working in your space, delivering you services you'll love quickly and thoroughly.

We know better than anyone that there is an entire infrastructure below the snow that we need to be wary of. After all, snow removal requires heavy equipment that can break things. At the beginning of working with us, we will emphasize familiarizing ourselves with your property and using a property map to ensure the snow we clear are done safely and in a timely manner. It will only take us a couple of times to familiarize ourselves with your property, and once we do, you'll see just how efficient we can be.

Complete Snow Removal

Although we promise speed with our snow removal services, we also pride ourselves on our thoroughness with every property. Our business strives for perfection at every residential snow removal job, no matter how big or small. If you have an area that needs to be cleared, you can be sure that we will give a complete snow removal service that clears all snow, removes all ice, and leaves a safe surface for walking and driving.

We don’t consider our job done until all snow has been cleared from your driveways, parking lots, walkways, and staircases. Call (517) 339-2881 to schedule your snow removal service from a company that’s dedicated to perfection.

Great Rates on Snow Removal and More

Cherry Oak Landscaping wants to deliver snow removal and management services to as many deserving homeowners as possible, and that's why we are proud to offer competitive rates. Not only competitive rates but exceptional results at exceedingly competitive rates. If you want to see it for yourself, you'd have to call our front desk and get a quote. We are committed to providing the best local snow removal services, and providing exceptional work at incredible prices is the best way to do it. We've known this for a long time.

The total cost of your service will depend on the overall size of your residential space and how much snow has fallen, but we'll be happy to crunch some numbers and provide you with a detailed cost breakdown before we get to work. A thoroughly satisfying process, great communication, and more are available to you when contacting our team. We'd love to hear from you! Give us a call today to get started.

Expect the Best from Our Experienced Team

Our experts are very proud of the work we do, and it shows in our commitment to our customers. We strive to provide the best, most discreet, and most effective residential snow removal service in East Lansing. Besides that, we believe that we are committed to our customers to be helpful, friendly, responsive, and adaptable to every person who could benefit from our services. We love serving our community and getting involved with improving the East Lansing community in any way we can—and residential snow removal is how we've decided to do that during winter.

When you choose to work with our team, you can expect:

  • Prompt snow removal
  • Personalized care
  • Competitive rates
  • Fast turnarounds
  • Friendly and reliable experts
  • The use of quality equipment
  • And great results

To learn more about our approach to snow removal, contact our team by phone or email. We are always more than happy to chat with prospective clients! We'll be glad to tell you everything about our snow removal services and the different ways you can adapt them to fit your needs.

Residential Snow Removal When You Need it Most in East Lansing

Every winter, everyone starts scrambling when that first snowfall hits. People run to the store to stock up on their toilet paper, bread and milk, and get ready to hunker down and stay indoors while Mother Nature delivers a punch of winter to our region in East Lansing. When the snow starts falling, that’s when many people realize that they forgot to prepare for snow removal. Here at Cherry Oak Landscaping, we can help you take care of all of your residential snow removal needs during any type of winter weather event. We offer services such as snow plowing, ice melting and winter storm preparation. If you want to make sure you don’t get snowed in this winter, it’s important to get ready early by being one of our regular customers.

While some snow removal companies are only equipped with a few shovels, you can trust that our staff is prepared with a variety of tools that help us remove snow from your property quickly and efficiently. We take snow clearing seriously and can be in and out of your property within an hour or two, depending on the amount of snowfall. We can also get to you quicker than the other guys so that you’re not waiting around for days to get out of the house. Here are some of the tools we are prepared with that help us make your property safe and free of snow or ice:

  • Plows – For heavy-duty plowing down driveways and private roads, we offer plowing service using trucks that can get through even the deepest of snowfall.
  • Snow blowers – When you have a sidewalk that needs to be cleared right away or a small driveway that you need to use as soon as possible, we can use one of our commercial strength snow blowers to get you access to the outside world again as fast as possible.
  • Shovels – Small removal jobs can be tackled with a team of workers and shovels. Areas that are harder to reach by some of our mechanical equipment can get cleared this way as well. If you’re worried about a fragile part of your property that can’t be cleared with a snow blower, shoveling may be a better option.
  • Salt Spreaders – We also offer salting service that simply requires a few runs down the driveway or over sidewalks with one of our salt spreading machines.

Premium Snow Removal Equipment

When you’re looking for a snow removal service that promises reliable and timely results, you need to trust the company with the best snow removal equipment. Old snowplows, snowblowers, salt spreaders, and more can be a liability in the cold weather. If any equipment breaks down, it will cause delays in the safe snow removal on your property.

At Cherry Oak Landscaping, we believe this is totally unacceptable. We pride ourselves on offering a prompt and reliable service, keeping your outdoor spaces clear of hazardous ice and snow right away. To make sure the service goes smoothly, we only bring well-maintained, recently serviced equipment to our job sites, preventing time-wasting malfunctions and problems.

For a company that only uses the best equipment to ensure a reliable snow removal service, choose Cherry Oak Landscaping!

The Choice For Snow Plowing and More in East Lansing

This winter, don’t wait until the last minute, when the snow starts falling, to set up your snow clearing options. Leave it to our staff at Cherry Oak Landscaping, and spend time enjoying your family and the beauty of the winter weather. Keep your life and daily tasks from getting interrupted by having us be part of your regular winter routine. You can avoid the stress of being left out in the cold for snow removing services when the winter weather strikes by contacting us early before the winter temperatures set in.

Contact us today, and we can make a plan of action for your snow clearing services this winter. We can customize a package that is right for your property’s needs in order to make this winter a safe one for you and your family.

Custom Snow Removal Service Plans

Everyone in East Lansing knows how frustrating it can be to get hit by a big snow storm overnight. You wake up in the morning, all ready to drive to work, and you look out the window. There’s a foot of snow in your driveway that needs to be shoveled. Better skip breakfast and grab that shovel.

Is that the way you want to start your winter mornings? We don’t think so. That’s why Cherry Oak Landscaping offers custom snow removal packages. If you want your driveway to be plowed before you get up in the morning, no problem. We’ll be there to dig out your driveway so that when it’s time to drive to work, you’re in the clear!

Or, if you don’t need a regular snow plow service, you can hire us for post-snowstorm plowing. Our quick and efficient drivers will have all that snow out of your way in no time. No more stress. And no more risking life and limb to get to work after a storm.

We can accommodate just about every type of client. Give us a call and talk to one of our representatives to find out how we can help you.

Residential Snow Removal Services

Do you own a home with a large driveway? Or perhaps there’s a road that needs snow and ice removal? Or maybe a patio out back that needs to be routinely cleared out? Snow is not just a nuisance for East Lansing homeowners. It’s also a liability. Friends and loved ones need to be safe on your property. If people get hurt on your property, you may get in trouble for negligence.

Cherry Oak Landscaping can help you keep your home free of snow and ice. We offer a range of customizable service packages that are sure to suit your needs and your budget. Whether you need your driveway cleared immediately after each snowfall or you need specialty ice removal on an irregular basis, we can do it. We’ll work hard to maintain the conditions of your driveways and outdoor parking areas to ensure that everyone who visits your property is kept safe!

Severe Weather Always Comes as a Surprise

Every year we know that the snow is coming. But it’s like no one wants to believe it. And then it happens. A foot, a foot and a half, two feet of snow suddenly falls overnight! No one can believe their eyes and yet, there it is. A beautiful blanket of white that can cause you a ton of problems.

Be prepared for the worst by planning ahead with Cherry Oak Landscaping’s snow and ice removal services. For both residential and commercial snow plowing services, look no further than Cherry Oak Landscaping! Our friendly and conscientious drivers will be there when you need them.

Contact us today to learn about our efficient, customizable, and affordable service packages. We look forward to building a long-term relationship with you.

Prompt Arrivals for Residential Plowing

As a local snow removal company, you can count on us to show up to your property quickly after every snowfall. Ensuring that our clients can always enter and exit their driveway reliably is important to us. We make sure that our plows are always ready to respond so that you never have to wait around for your property to be cleared.

Snowstorms can appear out of seemingly nowhere, even at the worst times, and you need to have your property cleared as quickly as possible. We’re behind the wheel of our plows early in the morning for every snowfall, as we look to get out to your property as soon as we can, helping you keep your area functional and safe.

Don’t endure the winter with a snow removal service that doesn’t respond in time. Call (517) 339-2881 and get the fastest snow removal team in East Lansing.

Great Rates on Snow Removal Services

When we are in charge of your residential snow plowing, you never have to worry about being overcharged all season long. We pride ourselves on our straightforward and competitive pricing structure, making it easier than ever to eliminate your residential snow shoveling from your routine.

At Cherry Oak Landscaping, we are always looking for ways we can make our snow removal services more affordable for anyone who needs them. By being honest about our time and efficient with our work, we are able to limit the costs. Our mission is always to serve as many people in the East Lansing community as possible. The only way to ensure this is to provide affordable services. We also offer customized snow removal plans that can be modified to suit various budgets.

To learn how much it would cost for your desired snow removal service, give us a call at (517) 339-2881.

Remove Hazards with Our Snow Removal Services

The buildup of snow and ice on your property doesn’t just signal an inconvenient amount of work for you to handle, it also signals the arrival of many potential hazards around your property. Snow and ice, especially together, can make any surface slippery in often unseen ways. Protect your kids, older relatives, and any visitors to your home by making sure that all your driveways, walkways, steps, and other snow-covered surfaces get the attention they need to be safe.

Cherry Oak Landscaping takes great care to remove snow on any tricky surface and will prevent the accumulation of ice afterward to keep your property accessible and safe for anyone who wants to walk around. Enjoy your winter without the stress of worrying that someone will fall and hurt themselves by hiring us to keep your pathways clear, melted, and visible for everyone who comes around.

Your Property Is Safe with Our Snow Removal Company

When trusting someone to work on your property, it always helps to know that they will operate with the utmost caution and attention to detail. Our equipment is large enough to always get the job done but is in hands experienced enough to prevent any damage to the vehicles, buildings, landscapes, and hardscapes of your property.

Snow removal equipment can cause a lot of damage to your property in the wrong hands, but this never has to be a concern when we are on the job. Our company has a solid track record of issue-free snow clearing, so you are guaranteed top-notch results.

Save Yourself Time and Effort with Snow Removal

Forgo the backbreaking labor this winter and trust your snow removal to our professional crew. The snowfall should be a fun and wonderful experience, especially if you have a family. Building snowmen and forts or relaxing inside where it’s cozy should be the only things on your mind.

We help you focus on more important things and enjoy your winter to its full potential. If you have decided that enough is enough, we encourage you to contact our dependable company—our snow removal services are more affordable than you might think.

A Snow Removal Company with a History of Excellence

By treating every job with our full dedication, we have been able to make a name for ourselves in the local area as a valuable resource for homeowners. We are privileged to have many trusted clients who count on us to keep their property accessible all season long. If you are looking to build a relationship with a plowing company that will serve you well for many years, Cherry Oak Landscaping would love to help.

We're used to providing elite results. Making your property safe, beautiful, and easy to get around all winter is an easy task for us. We are organized, experienced, and more than ready to meet your needs. If you're one of our clients, we look forward to making your property nice. Consider our high standard of work a token of gratitude to the clients that so graciously hire us for our services.

Make us of our history of providing excellent services today! Call us to get started.

Salting and Ice Control in Tandem with Snow Removal

Just because we have done the backbreaking work of removing the snow, our job is not over. There is more to do when it comes to winter maintenance. We take a proactive approach when it comes to keeping your property clear of snow and ice.

After every snow removal service, we don’t just pack up our things and leave. This would open the door for a buildup of ice on your freshly cleared surfaces. Without proper care and attention, the cleared areas can be even more hazardous than if they had simply been left with snow.

We always come prepared to finish the job right. At Cherry Oak Landscaping, after every single snow removal job, we bring salt or a brine solution to the site to apply right after plowing. This prevents any ice buildup or the dangerous freezing of black ice in your driveway or walkways.

Salt and brine application is also a useful step for snow removal maintenance, not just when you have received a major dump of snow. To prevent a hazardous and slippery surface on any cold night, but especially before snowfall, it’s recommended to have a brine application. This can accomplish two things: making the surface safer for walking immediately and promoting the early melting of any snowfall. This makes our job easier when the time for plowing arrives because the bottom layer of snow is already melted and loose.

So if you want a safer, more efficient management of your property’s snow, come to us. The snow removal and salting experts. We’ll ensure that the job is done right, with ample foresight to ensure that we can handle your snow quickly and efficiently when the storm comes.

Simple Scheduling on Residential Snow Plowing

As part of our ongoing efforts to make our services as convenient as possible for our clients, we have worked hard to make scheduling our services a straightforward process. All you need to do is get in touch with us at the start of the season or when you require our services, and our accommodating staff will take care of everything for you.

Depending on your property, you may be looking for various snow removal services. If you have a large residential complex, regular snow removal and de-icing service for your parking lots, walkways, and laneways may be necessary to keep the area safe. Whereas, at a simple home, a driveway may only need snow removal following a snowstorm. Let us accommodate your needs and schedule by offering flexible and tailored booking services.

Call (517) 339-2881 to schedule your snow and ice removal services!

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We are always happy to address the concerns of our potential clients. We will provide you with all of the information you need to make an educated decision about hiring us for your property. If you would like to learn more about what our company can do for you this winter, it is as easy as giving us a call at (517) 339-2881. We look forward to helping you keep your property free of snow all year long.