Snow Removal in East Lansing

Cherry Oak Landscaping is East Lansing’s trusted snow removal provider. Homeowners and business owners alike rely on our hard-working crew for dependable, courteous, and fast property maintenance in all types of snowy weather.

Reach us at (517) 339-2881 to get a no-obligation quote of our services!


Full-Service Snow Removal Company

We’re a fully licensed, insured, and bonded company that provides comprehensive snow removal services. We’re pleased to offer both residential and commercial property maintenance, including:

  • Snowplowing
  • Snow hauling
  • Salting and de-icing
  • Shoveling
  • Rooftop snow removal
  • And much more!

Our technicians will happily assess your property to customize your maintenance plan. Your snow removal strategy will fit your unique needs, budget, and schedule.

No-Obligation Quotes for Snow Removal

Before you sign a contract, you can expect an upfront, transparent cost breakdown. We provide detailed estimates that include all material and labor fees, so you know precisely what you’re paying for. We don’t hide fees in the fine print. The figure you see on your quote will be the figure you see on your final invoice.

Flexible Snow and Ice Removal Scheduling Options

We value your time. We understand that timely snow removal is vital to your safety, and that of your family, clients, and employees. That’s why our company prioritizes a flexible schedule. We’ll clear and haul your snow away when you need it gone. Our convenient plowing times will ensure your day proceeds as safely and normally as usual, regardless of the weather.

Beyond that, we’re pleased to provide pre-arranged snow removal appointments. Early morning and late-night runs are no problem for our dedicated professionals and heavy-duty equipment. Give us a call to set up routine snow plowing services that suit your schedule. 

Residential Snow Removal

Tired of spending your mornings shoveling the driveway? Get to work on time with our residential snow removal services. From shoveling to de-icing, we can effectively and efficiently deal with all your residential snow needs.

Commercial Snow Plowing

We have the skill and resources to clear and haul snow from even large, commercial properties. Be it parking lots, walkways, or driveways, we’ll ensure your business is accessible this winter. Some examples of the properties we work on are:

  • Shopping centers
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Recreational facilities
  • And much more!

Heavy-Duty Snow Removal Equipment

Our company is prepared for all that Mother Nature can throw at us. We own and operate a large fleet of snow removal vehicles as well as modern and high-quality machinery and tools. As a result, we’re equipped to clear properties of all sizes.

What’s more, the quality of our equipment makes light work of even the heaviest snowfalls. Plus, the number of our vehicles increases our capacity. We reduce downtime at every turn, thanks to our state-of-the-art snow removal machinery.

Affordable Snowplow Services

Keeping your property clear of snow doesn’t have to break the bank. We work hard to keep our rates among the most competitive in the area. See for yourself how affordable our services are—drop us a line to request a quote today.

Professional Snow Removal Provider

Let’s face it, whether you are a business owner or a resident in East Lansing, a heavy snowstorm can ruin even the best-laid plans. Living and working in East Lansing brings its own set of hurdles when it snows which need to be carefully considered. With slippery pavements and icy stairs, business owners in the area run the risk of a serious accident taking place on their premises, and if this happens, there could be some serious consequences to deal with.

Similarly, if there are excessive amounts of snow on your property then it is harder to drive in and out of your home while also increasing the risk of accidents taking place. Don’t make this mistake, call the snow removal experts today.

At Cherry Oak Landscaping, we have developed a winning reputation for our snow removal service and can help businesses or homeowners in East Lansing to maintain their regular day-to-day schedules despite the amount of snow that falls. So, what are you waiting for? Call us today and let us take care of everything.

Planning for Snow Removal

Yes, we know that planning for the snow to be removed from your East Lansing home or business while the sun is still high in the summer sky may seem a little much but trust us, planning ahead can save you a lot of stress down the road. The reality is that failing to prepare for snow removal could leave you with a major headache on your hands when the snow does start to come down.

Steer clear of lengthy waits and unnecessary increases in prices in the winter by booking your service when there isn’t even a brown leaf on the ground. So, whether you are a local resident or a business owner, why not save yourself an awful lot of time and money by calling Cherry Oak Landscaping today.

Unrivalled Customer Service From Your Landscapers

As a locally operated business, Cherry Oak Landscaping knows how hard it is to grow a business from the ground-up. One of the most important lessons that we have learned from our years in the snow removal business is that treating your customers correctly will be repaid ten times over.

Our commercial and residential customers in East Lansing know that when they call us, they can rest assured that we will be open and able to offer them the same reliable and affordable service that they have enjoyed for years. It is this consistency to quality and the ultimate customer-service experience that differentiates us from so many of our competitors in the area.

Leave it to the Professional Snow Removers

In East Lansing, we know that people like doing things themselves. However, the fact is that when it comes to removing heavy snowfall, you really cannot afford to take chances by doing it yourself. At Cherry Oak Landscaping, our skilled and experienced team will use the most advanced equipment and machinery to complete even the most challenging of snow removal jobs easily and quickly.